Partnerships the Foundation of Blue Chip Business

Blue Chip Thoroughbreds, established in 2018 by founder Steve McPherson, flourishes in the partnership business.  Blue Chip specializes in finding athletes, then selling partnerships to those who want to race together.

Whether it is pinhooking or racing, Blue Chip has a partnership program for you.  Mostly, though, Blue Chip distinguishes itself as a pinhooker of two year olds in training.  It’s a pretty simple concept — Blue Chip takes athletes and does all they can to turn them into champions.

“I think the biggest thing is to have fun while you try to improve the horse,” said Steve McPherson, who oversees the pinhooking operation for Blue Chip.  “Every athlete is different in their own way, so every horse has to be handled differently.  But, when you get a good one, Oh Boy !!!”

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